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Trainer Pronoun Picker

Trainer Pronoun Picker

Pokémon Essentials Version
v17.2 ✅
Adds pronoun support to the trainer class.
It includes a method for asking the player for their proouns and a bunch of chat commands for inserting pronouns into messages.
It is designed to be used instead of simply asking a binary gender choice. (Might I recommend pairing it with an appearence option?)


Add this script section: Fi_Trainer_Pronouns


To ask the player for their pronouns call

during your intro stuff. It needs to be called after the name is asked as the player object needs to be created first, and that's when Essentials does it.

You can insert pronoun text in messages using the following commands:
/Pps : Subjective pronoun, first letter capitalised (i.e. He)
/Ppo : Objective pronoun, first letter capitalised (i.e. Him)
/Ppp : Possessive pronoun, first letter capitalised (i.e. His)
/Ppsl : Subjective pronoun, lower-case (i.e. he)
/Ppol : Objective pronoun, lower-case (i.e. him)
/Pppl : Possessive pronoun, lower-case (i.e. his)
/Ppsu : Subjective pronoun, upper-case (i.e. HE)
/Ppou : Objective pronoun, upper-case (i.e. HIM)
/Pppu : Possessive pronoun, upper-case (i.e. HIS)
Thanks to Luka S.J. for helping with the method alias stuff. :)
Be cool to each other.
Fiona Summers
Luke S.J. for the method alias help
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