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Better Fast-forward Mode

Pokémon Essentials Version
v17.2 ✅
I accidentally found out that just skipping a whole Graphics.update is pretty useful and thought I'd make a fast-forward script out of it.

SPEEDUP_STAGES is the array of speed up stages the game will use. If you click F, it'll pick the next number in the array. Mine looks like [1,2,3], meaning it'll be 1 by default, go to 2 if I press F, 3 if I press F again, and then back to the beginning.

$GameSpeed is the index of the SPEEDUP_STAGES array, 0 by default.
SPEEDUP_STAGES[$GameSpeed] - 1 is the actual amount of frames skipped.

If you hit F, the game'll go one stage higher in the SPEEDUP_STAGES array.

Better Fast-forward Mode
  • Marin
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F is the function key for a registered item. so it conflicts and I can't seem to find any way to remap the registered item to a different key.
really good although it would be better if the speed up button was set to something like the alt key instead of the F key seeing as how it has another function aswell
Which function is that?