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Pokétch for Pokémon Essentials (Dual/Single-screen)

Updated to v1.1.3:
  • Now compatible with the Modular Pause Menu
  • Color Changer overlays now fade properly
  • Fixed a bug where it was looking in Assemblies\RPG.Net.dll instead of just in the root folder for the dll. Because of this, you'd never be able to use the Roulette app.
  • Fixed issue with save files
  • Now also works with the DP Pause Menu
Likes: KrakerwatYT
  • If you have a colored overlay from the Color Changer, it will now be disposed too if you are using single-screen mode.
  • Fixed two small bugs with the Pokémon History app
  • Fixed Pokétch not counting your steps in single-screen mode.