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    Resource Gen 6 Back Sprites (DS-Style)

    Aww man, if i knew someone else was doing it, i wouldn't have separated them myself
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    Freelance Novice spriter looking to help (Closed)

    I can make some decent looking custom pokémon forms, this includes: Front, Back and Shiny sprites sadly, i can't do fakémon yet If you're interest, contact me through discord: jaocraft "the destroyer" br#1989 My time zone is GMT -3 I'm looking to improve my sprites, so, any work you can...
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    Recruiting Pokémon Parallel

    We are looking to recruit: Pokémon, character and tileset Spriters, Composers that can make music in the gen 4-5 style Mappers Scripters Testers (please only apply if you have a lot of free time) People that can help balance pokémon and trainer battles People who can help make dialogue for...
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    Released Pokémon: Parallel

    Pokémon Parallel is my first fan game project made in Pokémon essentials V18, i spent many weeks planning everything i could, and here it is. Plot: Team Pylon is an evil organization that strives for world domination whom, after finding old inscriptions about the Regis and translating them...