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    Completed Pokémon Maze Version

    Thank you for the kind feedback, a lot of it was stuff I forgot/didn't have time to put in but remembered (and felt stupid about) afterward. But the rest was very helpful. I probably won't make any more Pokémon fangames, though, as I want to focus on developing my own, original games.
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    Completed Pokémon Maze Version

    Ugh, I feel like such an idiot!! In my rush to get the game out I forgot to add them in... I'm really, really sorry about that
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    Pokemon Maze Version Resource pack - Pokemon Maze Version Resource pack

    My game jam entry's resource pack
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    Resource Pokemon Maze Version Resource pack

    IdaFuglsang submitted a new resource: Pokemon Maze Version Resource pack - The resource pack for my game jam entry Read more about this resource...
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    Released Pokémon Twilight: Extended

    I've played the game for about half an hour, and I have to say I enjoyed it :) Although there were a few flaws and glitches (such as the yongster on route 1, and some map edges) none of them were big enough to be real problems. If you give it some polish, I think it could turn out great! I've...
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    Completed Pokémon Maze Version

    I have been working on my entry for the game jam this past month, and now it's finally finished! This is the first game I've ever completed, so I want you guys to tear it apart! Tell me the flaws, bugs, glitches, mistakes. Tell me everything you think about the game, so I can improve and make...