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Recent content by NurseEthi

  1. NurseEthi

    Completed Pokémon Pumpkin

    I would like to thank you for making the best Pokemon Fan Game I have ever played on my Twitch channel. Also I just got to the graveyard and S C R E W Y O U! I didn't want to cry on stream, but here I am. Crying.
  2. NurseEthi

    Crafting a plot is difficult when your plot is as thick as air.

    Crafting a plot is difficult when your plot is as thick as air.
  3. NurseEthi

    Completed Pokémon: The Camry Legend

    I did not play Tentin Redux or Return to Tentin. Do I need to play them before starting this game to understand any story elements/characters or any callbacks from NPCs?
  4. NurseEthi

    Demo Pokémon Ethereal Gates

    They've only released the one demo so far, but you can keep up with their updates on Twitter! They just shared a bunch of stuff back in August! https://twitter.com/EtherealGates
  5. NurseEthi

    Demo Pokémon Spectrum

    I'm not sure if this is a Spectrum thing, or an Essentials problem, but I swapped Pokemon against the first trainer in the gym and it used Copycat. Then my opponent went before my attack and it is an infinite loop of "The foe -Pokemon- used Copycat."
  6. NurseEthi

    Demo Pokemon Edge of Reality (v2.08)

    Hey guys! I just streamed this game on my Twitch channel, where you can watch the VOD! I really enjoyed the concept of this game! I think it's an unusual take to what we know about the world of Pokemon! And you're using some amazing characters that we don't get the chance to see that often and I...
  7. NurseEthi

    Oh my goodness, I'm sorry I'm just now getting this! I've never done spriting before, I'm sorry.

    Oh my goodness, I'm sorry I'm just now getting this! I've never done spriting before, I'm sorry.
  8. NurseEthi

    Completed Pokémon Berry Hunt

    That was me! I want to apologize for my poor attitude by the end of it. I get huffy after some frustration. ;~; Those two things aside I thought it was a cool game with a nice idea behind it. The one strike thing was cumbersome, but something I could still overcome after a couple of tries...
  9. NurseEthi

    Completed Pokémon Berry Hunt

    I have just completed the first quest for Sitrus Berries and obtained my prize, but I am lost as to where to go from there!
  10. NurseEthi

    Ask Me Anything

    Do you ever feel like people of RC look at you with such a high regard that you have to hold a very high manner about yourself even though you're just a genuinely cool guy?
  11. NurseEthi

    Demo Pokemon Jade

    Speaking of fan art, my friend Guzzbees also made some! I absolutely have enjoyed playing through this game. It has beautiful maps, amazing Pokemon, and I'm excited for what you guys have in strore for the future! My streams were so much fun, and I can't thank you guys and your hard work enough!
  12. NurseEthi

    Demo Pokemon Jade

    Hey, I've been streaming your game this week and I ran into a problem. I got to Melbourne City Gym, and am having a hard time finding the gym leaders? I assume I press the big red button when I get to their room, but it won't let me interact with it. I haven't done anything else in the city yet...
  13. NurseEthi

    Overview Community Streams

    Ahhh, I'm not sure if I count just yet to be a streamer on here just yet because I'm more active in the Discord server than on the forums??? My Twitch is http://twitch.tv/nurseethi
  14. NurseEthi

    Demo Pokemon Viral Space

    Okay, maybe this list will come off well. I've only played through to the first gym and beaten the leader, and want to go ahead and share all of my first thoughts, both good and bad. You have absolutely amazing music, the Pokegear is absolutely amazing with great options. However, I did find...