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    Recruiting Composer wanted

    The updated Beta for Pokemon Cannabis Edition is almost ready. However, one of the final things we need is some original compositions. So, we are looking for some composers to help us with this!! Feel free to send me a DM on here if interested.
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    Pokemon: The Rise of Giovanni

    Not sure when we will get to fixing these issues, the game was a little rushed at the end so we never quite got to the music stuff. Also not exactly sure why the game comes with a saved file (Maybe it was from our playtesting of the game). We wanted the police officers to just be grunts, so...
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    Pokemon: The Rise of Giovanni

    Game Title: Pokemon The Rise of Giovanni Game Screenshots: Game Download: Made Using: RPGXP Team: Cannaboss and RedLegend360 Notes: The previously untold story of how the notorious leader of Team Rocket became...
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    Resource Pack 1

    Graphic files, slightly edited versions of public files used in Pokemon Rise of Giovanni.
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    Resource Resource Pack

    Cannaboss submitted a new resource: Resource Pack - Mainly edited public resources Read more about this resource...
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    Help Lavasurf Scripting with HM Items

    I’m using Marins HM Items and would like to add Lavasurf, but I’m unable to figure out all the scripting necessary. Wondering if someone else has already done this and would be willing to share what they have?
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    Questions & Feedback Thread

    I think an addition resource forum where people share public graphics that they have found (along with the credits of course) would be very helpful for people looking for tiles/sprites to use in their games. I know that for myself I'm always dwelling deep into Deviantart looking for good ones...
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    Recruiting Need original music for Pokemon Cannabis

    Looking to recruit: Someone to create original music Project Title: Pokemon Cannabis Edition Team Name/Team Members: Currently a three man team, Cannaboss, Redlegend, and Akuma-Tsubasa Method of Contact: PM me please!! Additional Information: We would like two different themes of music Indica...
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    Help Issues with Intro sizing

    When I use a screen size larger than Medium the introbg does not pan out to fit the screen. It ends up looking like this. What should I do to fix this issue?
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    Recruiting Pokemon Giovanni's Rise

    I'm looking to, in the future, begin a new project following the previously untold story of the rise of Giovanni. I am hoping to create a game that shows how Giovanni became the notorious leader of Team Rocket. The idea that I have for the game is that Giovanni grew up in a region (to be named...
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    Help Gen 6 Project Graphics issue

    How would I go about positioning it myself in debug? I have tried using the positioner that comes with EBS, but that only allows me to move the sprites up and down.
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    Questions & Feedback Thread

    I was wondering if all threads get monitored before they are put out on the website or how that works?
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    Help Gen 6 Project Graphics issue

    I am trying to use the Gen 6 project's battlers by mej71 and am having trouble positioning my sprites. A lot of them are going off to the sides and are too large. Here is an example. I am wondering what I am doing wrong and what I can do to fix this. Also thank you to anyone who can help me!!
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    Short-term X and Y sprite set

    Hi, I am looking for someone who either has a sprite set ready for the X and Y sprites or is willing to work on them. I would like them in the 160x160 basic essentials style. I was hoping someone on here might have a completed set they used for their game or something and would like to...
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    Solved Formatting Gen 6 sprites

    Thank You I didn't know this!! I will try again!------------------------ Thank You I didn't know this I will try again!