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Recent content by Hukon

  1. Hukon

    Completed Pokémon Wayward

    I've just uploaded a small update to the game. It features a bugfix, and a correction in the credits list. If you downloaded the game before this update, please redownload, as this new version fixes a game-breaking bug that makes it impossible to fight the final boss. For the credits list, I...
  2. Hukon

    Completed Pokémon Wayward

    Story: You and your friend, Carla, have won a trip to sail on the ship "S.S Jammica". Its destination is the vast Jamward Ocean, where another great ship was attacked only one year ago by, allegedly, the World's Biggest Gyarados. Excited to see, and potentially capture, the massive Pokémon, you...
  3. Hukon

    Pokémon Wayward resource pack the first one

    Here are all the custom resources from my Pokémon Wayward game jam video game adventure. This includes text boxes, battle UI, overworld sprites, trainer sprites, tilesets and autotiles. Alternative download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1wHeOcUrmsBFMRMOJqK7dAvlSzxBIUdKs/view?usp=sharing
  4. Hukon

    Resource Pokémon Wayward resource pack

    Hukon submitted a new resource: Pokémon Wayward resource pack - Custom resources from the Pokémon Wayward visual gaming experience Read more about this resource...
  5. Hukon

    Future of Relic Castle

    Thanks to Relic Gold, I'm finna be drowning in that digital coin!!
  6. Hukon

    Completed Pokémon Desiderate

    Thanks for the haiku, But I will not marry you, I'm very sorry.
  7. Hukon

    Completed Pokémon Desiderate

    You need another syllable on the second line.
  8. Hukon

    Resource Pokémon Desiderate resource pack

    Hukon submitted a new resource: Pokémon Desiderate resource pack - Custom thingies from Pokémon Desiderate Read more about this resource...
  9. Hukon

    Completed Pokémon Desiderate

    Plot story narrative scenario *Note: This was written at almost 4AM, and as such may contain much gibberish Your adventure takes place on Jamland Island, where you are currently relaxing on your vacation. The annual Jamabata festival is on, and things could not be more jolly. However, things...
  10. Hukon

    Pokémon Desiderate resource pack - Pokémon Desiderate resource pack

    This resource pack contains an outdoor tileset, indoor tileset and Pokémon center/Pokémart tileset and some autotiles all in gen 3 style. It also has overworld sprites from RSE compiled for use in Pokémon essentials, a town map, some party icons for gen 6 Pokémon, and custom battleboxes...
  11. Hukon

    Iron Mapper IRON MAPPER: Trial II

    Map Name: Mt. Mountain Base Trial: II, Mountain map Critique Requested: Ye Credits: Maruno, Poccil, Flameguru. The tileset is the essentials default. Notes: I don't think I've ever made an outdoor map that didn't have any mountain tiles. Mountain tiles are fun because they're an easy way of...
  12. Hukon

    Iron Mapper IRON MAPPER: Trial I

    Map Name: Daycare Town. Man I'm creative. Trial 1, new beginnings Critique Requested: Yas. Credits: Maruno, Poccil, Flameguru. The tileset is the essentials default. Notes: I made this map like a week ago and decided to wait on submitting it in case I thought of something I wanted to change. I...
  13. Hukon

    Completed Pokémon Thyme

    Hi, thanks for telling me about this bug. I have now put up a new version of the game that fixes this. If you download the new version and enter the room again, you should be able to progress the story properly.
  14. Hukon

    Completed Pokémon Thyme

    This game was made for the Relic Castle game jam in 2016. As I had prior experience in game dev at this point, thanks to Pokémon Jeff, and I had done a lot of work on another fangame in the past year, I actually knew what I was doing while making this. However, procrastination struck, and I...
  15. Hukon

    Completed Pokémon Jeff

    Made for the Relic Castle game jam in 2015, this is the first fangame I ever made. As such, there were several things I did not know. I spent an hour not understanding why the screen wouldn't fade to black in a certain event. The reason was I forgot the "wait" command. This game was a mistake...