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    Released Pokemon Jade

    No need for an emulator, it's an executable program. Download the game files through the link in the main post and in its content you'll find an executable file. That ought to be the game.
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    Released Pokemon Edge of Reality (v2.08)

    I think I might be an idiot, because I can't figure out the damn ice puzzle at the beginning (right after the Giratina battle). Can you provide a solution? PM if necessary if you don't want to spoil other people.
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    Discussion Feature Jams

    This is a very interesting idea and would make a nice addition to the community events. I actually had an idea for the usual Relic Castle Game Jam that was really a Feature Jam: it was a game taking place in a small yet open world space where the player goes through a few side quests. I was...
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    Work in Progress Fierce Melody (Updated 16/03/2019)

    So, I played it and have some feedback for you guys! You've already addressed some mistakes like the grammar but I noticed some other things that should easily be fixed with playtesting. My computer is garbage so it didn't run well, but whatever. Despite this the game was sped up (like the...
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    Entertainment What Pokemon need removal/improvement?

    Mr. Mime just needs to... go away. Like. Just cease to exist. Forever. Keep Mime Jr., at least it's cute.
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    Ask Me Anything

    What is your main design philosophy when working on a game (either Fan Game or original game)? Aside from following the direction that the team is going for.
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    Creative Betamons

    They were indeed created by Game Freak, they were found in the ROM for the SpaceWorld Demo of Gold and Silver. The team that released the demo recently merely found the game and published it in its entirety, including the Beta mons. What could've been, huh?
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    Ask Me Anything

    Is your real name Jeff?
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    Region Lore

    This is a really interesting topic for me as the lore is one of the aspects of the Pokémon series that hasn't lost its magic for me. I really love how a region is developed throughout the game wether involved or not directly in the main story, becoming, in a way, a character on its own...
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    Work in Progress Pokémon Zest

    Holy shit! Sign me the fuck up! Can't wait to see a demo of this
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    Work in Progress Fierce Melody (Updated 16/03/2019)

    Quick Review of the Alpha Demo: Fierce Melody caught my eye immediately as it was posted. Having played the Alpha, I'd say it looks promising and will definitely try to play the full demo when it comes out. Let's get to some quick cons first: The dialogue was meh, sometimes either...