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    Winter Game Jam 2: Recruitment

    [Recruiting] Looking to recruit: Spriter (Trainers and Overworld) Jam Entry Title: A Very Serious Pokemon Game Team Name/Team Members: Currently I'm the only one working on this. Progress/Screenshots: None so far. Method of Contact: CrimsonTy#7051 Timezone: EST Additional Information:
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    Weird Error when checking Pokemon

    Solution: I had a comma in the shiny chances. Yea don't do that. So I added Roserade into my party to test something but when I checked on [Pokemon] this error shows up [Pokémon Essentials version 17.2] Exception: ArgumentError Message: comparison of Fixnum with Array failed...
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    Pokemon Super Kawaii Dating Sim

    Pokemon Super Kawaii Dating Sim Bug Fixed Game Download: Made Using: RPG Maker Team: I was alone Notes: Bugs have been killed. Maybe not all so tell me if some are still alive Resource Pack...
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    Completed Pokémon Berry Hunt

    I was just watching this game on a live stream and I have to say it looked way too difficult. 1 time you were given Tyranitar but it wasn't in your party and the 1 strike and you're out thing isn't really good.
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    Ask Me Anything

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    Pokemon Experimental Traveler Resource Pack 1.0

    This is a resource pack for custom sprites I made in Pokemon Experimental Traveler
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    Resource Pokemon Experimental Traveler Resource Pack

    Larvestaable submitted a new resource: Pokemon Experimental Traveler Resource Pack - A resource pack for custom sprites in Pokemon Experimental Traveler Read more about this resource...
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    Completed Pokémon Experimental Traveler

    Game Title: Pokémon Experimental Traveler Game Screenshots: Game Download: Made Using: RpgMaker XP Team: All was made alone Notes: -Starting Over may not work it's been buggy. I tried my best to fix it...
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    Game Jam Game Jam #4: Discussion

    I also made Pokemon Glitched Error for the 3rd one
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    Game Jam Game Jam #4: Discussion

    Can we get some hype in the chat for shiny Spearow after 5 random encounters
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    Game Jam Game Jam #4: Recruitment

    Looking to recruit: Mappers (Mostly for puzzles) Jam Entry Title: Pokmon Experiment Team Name/Team Members: Team Full Cowling Progress/Screenshots: No screenshot available Method of Contact: Discord (Larvestaable in the Discord) Timezone: EST Additional Information: I'm quite creative
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    Trading Issue

    Never mind found out I was spelling Adamant Wrong Trying to trade when I clicked on Zigzagoon this happened (Crashes Game) (1.16.2) --------------------------- Pokemon Revision Red --------------------------- Exception: RuntimeError Message: Script error within event 5, map 103...
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    Overview Tutorials and Resources Requests

    Is there any place with a download for every gen 6 pokemon front and back sprites in a DPP style?
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    Resource JohtoBlaziken's Bootleg Pokémon FireRed

    For Maruno: Well FRLG are game titles but characters in the files say names in caps like "You wanna trade my MR.MIME for an ABRA?" it doesn't make sense because it's not normal. Example of this is "Hey guys I got a new DOG and his name is JOHN." That's not normal. Also can't wait for more