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Recent content by Roenais

  1. Roenais

    Pokemon Essentials Takedown

    Really I'm mostly just annoyed at american copyright law. Nintendo is definitely within their rights to take things down as it could risk the claim to their own IPs, and the more I research the more I understand it-- but it's a definite negative for the community, who help keep the franchise...
  2. Roenais

    Pokemon Essentials Takedown

    honestly im overwhelmingly disappointed in nintendo. it sucks that fan projects can still be deemed copyright infringement when entirely unmonetized, and that they even feel the need to flex their legal muscles on such a minor problem. ): ill never understand it, but i guess this is the risk...
  3. Roenais

    Completed Pokemon Bouquet

    oh man, i'm such a dolt. i fixed bugs yet left in one of my workarounds to skip a cutscene, so it leaves the game unplayable. should be fixed now!
  4. Roenais

    Pokemon Bouquet Resources - Pokemon Bouquet Resources

    Only a few custom sprites in this one.
  5. Roenais

    Resource Pokemon Bouquet Resources

    Roenais submitted a new resource: Pokemon Bouquet Resources - What little there is! Read more about this resource...
  6. Roenais

    Completed Pokemon Bouquet

    Hey all! This is a short and simple project, made during the last moments of the game jam. PLEASE bear in mind that this is an imperfect project, and one I don't plan to come back to (aside from some potential graphical fixes.) Right now it's 5am and I'm far too tired to continue bug testing...
  7. Roenais

    Game Jam Game Jam #3: Discussion

    only just discovered the jams going on, but im still totaly gonna try my best in the time ive got. good luck to everyone!
  8. Roenais

    Feedback Map Showcase

    that's actually really nice looking, it's hard to find anything to comment on! if i had to pick anything, i'd say that the shadows on the two smaller houses look a little too big for them, and that the bigger treestump on the left seems to be at a slightly different, top-down angle compared to...
  9. Roenais

    Feedback Map Showcase

    I think it looks mostly fine, but some of trees feel a little uniform? As in, I get the impression they've somehow grown in a square around the town. Adding some variation in that border might be a good idea. Oh also, I only just noticed this, but where the trees meet the back of the buildings...
  10. Roenais

    Music in Games - What are the Red Flags?

    Kind of tangential to the topic, but I'm not sure where to ask, does anyone have any soundfont/vst reccomendations for creating music for a fangame? The instruments seem to really make the game, but finding ones that work together and fit the Pokemon aesthetic can be tricky.
  11. Roenais

    Tips for Making Fangames

    Don't be afraid to keep to the formula. I see some games that make a lot of wild changes from the Pokemon series staples, like doing away with starters, gyms, badges, etc, and while they definitely do work and can be AMAZING, there are cases where it feels like a change was only made because...
  12. Roenais

    accidentally replaced some overworld sprites and cant restore them. major regret ):

    accidentally replaced some overworld sprites and cant restore them. major regret ):
  13. Roenais

    Creative Fakémon Feedback

    i'm pretty new to fakemon design and trying to come up with a grass starter line, but i feel like it's just much of just "take an animal and stick leaves on it" y'know? i'm not sure how to make it more interesting...