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    Rookie Questions

    Hi hi! Feraligamer here. I'm developing a HGSS style pokemon fangame on my free time on college. Whenever possible I look for stuff here on the foruns and watch Thundaga's tutorials, but I have some questions I haven't being able to find answers to until now. Can you guys help me? REGARDING...
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    Resource Apricorn Tree Charsets (With Animation)

    Thank you for this resource and for the SE! I just learned how to use conditional branches properly by implementing this resource on my game! =D
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    Introduction Thread

    Hi everyone! Just joined in. I entered recently on the pokémon fangames stuff when I discovered Thundaga's videos. Found this place when he spoke of you guys on the pokemon follow video. I'm making a Gen IV game (HGSS style) and until now I'm having a lot of fun with it =D Are there any tips...