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    Released Pokemon Titan

    Hi, I found these errors: Thanks!
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    Map [Legacy] Map Showcase

    Rough draft of a map, thoughts?
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    Graphic [Legacy] Screenshot Showcase

    Trying out different lighting for my game, anyone know how to get a more ambient light by fixing the settings?
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    Map [Legacy] Map Showcase

    Working on a new map, any suggestions? Supposed to be for a beginning town, if that helps?
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    Recruiting Pokémon Misanthropy (Looking for Team Members!)

    *bump* If you see this, if you can't contribute, please take the time to share! Someone you know may be able to help!
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    Recruiting Pokémon Misanthropy (Looking for Team Members!)

    Looking to Recruit: Spriters/Music Composers/Graphic Artists/Mapper Project Name: Pokemon Misanthropy Screenshots:Tumblr Post Method of Contact: Discord or PM me on here. Additional Information can be found here: Game Website (under construction) Relic Castle Forum Current Team...
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    Map [Legacy] Map Showcase

    This map looks good, yet the long paths make the town look a lot bigger than it should be. I like how you use the mountain tiles to fill in the open space towards the top of the map. Otherwise, I just have one question. How did you get a screenshot of your map without the square grid in RGXP...
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    Map [Legacy] Map Showcase

    Mapping a forest for my game, but think that I'm missing something. Thoughts?
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    Completed Pokemon Jade

    I just got through playing your game, and you all did very well. The plot was immersive, the Pokémon are all creatively made, and the characters all help to bring this experience to life. Can't wait to play more of this game in the future!
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    Work in Progress Pokémon Stratus Dreams

    Over the last couple of months, I've been getting requests for different positions for my game. Alas, I'm putting this project on a hiatus until further notice. I'm putting all of my efforts onto another project that I've been helping develop for a while: Pokémon Misanthropy. Development on that...
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    Work in Progress Pokémon Stratus Dreams

    Hi! I just wanted to give a few updates on development, for anyone interested. I made adjustments to the story for clarity purposes. I am in the process of adding new areas to extend playing time. I made a logo (It's temporary, but It'll do.)(see above) I also am going to release what I wanna...
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    Work in Progress Pokémon Arkhe

    This game has a lot of potential! I really like how you use a GBA styled tileset, and still managed to make your game stand out. Can't wait to see how it looks when it's released.
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    Work in Progress Pokemon Recondite

    Love the fresh ideas that you're providing for your players. I can't wait to see what this game has to offer!
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    Released Pokemon Sunset (Progress Check)

    Hi! I just wanted to let you know that this game is awesome! I love how you integrated what I'm guessing to be a rival character into a partner to solve a quest. The only question that I have is "Can the starter Pokémon have their hidden abilities?". I've been restarting for a Kirlia with...
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    Work in Progress Pokémon Stratus Dreams

    Welcome to the Elato Region! Region Description: The Elato region is a lush, mountainous region far away from other regions. Due to the varying climates of the Elato Region, many types of Pokémon make their homes there. It also accounts for the diversity of the Pokémon that lives there. One of...