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    Resource Name Windows

    Whenever I get to updating most of my scripts I'll have to make them compatible with the plugin manager so that will take me some time and learning. In the meanwhile, I'll try to see if I can do some quick patching to make them compatible with v19+ without making them a Plugin, although that's...
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    Resource Portraits in text messages

    Didn't test it yet. What issues are there?
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    Overview Tutorials and Resources Requests 2.0

    A script to read other fangame's savedata. Just to do cute random stuff like a "Red" encounter but named after your character on a different game, detecting that you played a game that was developed by a friend and adding a little bonus... Additionally, I'd like to be able to export a player's...
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    Resource Learning a particular move upon evolution

    It's been 4 years jc wth, time flies
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    Pulling up the Fly Map in an event

    Look up the code from the party screen script and the field move handler
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    Completed Xenoverse: Per Aspera Ad Astra [by WeedleTeam]

    Is there a list of mystery gift codes somewhere?
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    Resource Following Pokemon EX

    Absolutely. I'll go ahead and do that. Thanks xxx
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    Resource Following Pokemon EX

    Was it you who made the sendout animation edit for following Pokémon? It's the only part of the code that I'm currently interested in, and idk if I should credit just -you- for that bit or the entire resource's credits, which I don't think is fair with you either tbh but I'm letting you choose.
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    Resource Klein's Secret Bases

    On top of the DEFAULTSCREENHEIGHT etc fixes to be made compatible with v18, you'll also need to change the way the movefinder for Secret Power works to something like move = getID(PBMoves,BASEMOVENEEDED) movefinder=pbCheckMove(move) Also the Jump Mat entry is lacking a nil before ItemType::MAT...
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    Resource Klein's Secret Bases

    I imported the maps into my project but they're not loading anywhere. Could it be I also need the MapInfos.rxdata file? Without them as sort of a sample, it's kind of a big hassle to set up (only to do it blind and likely wrong). Looking forward to this. It's a sweet resource.
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    Other Timer Question Essentials GS

    Set up the Timer. In a Parallel Process, use a Conditional Branch with script "if $game_system.timer_working && $game_system.timer == 0" and then place your code there.
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    Battle UIs

    If you mean overhauls like EBS, then none that I'm aware of.
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    v18 Ability Splash popping up when it isn't necessary

    Yeah this is definitely not the expected behavior and the splash shouldn't appear when the ability isn't going to have any effect.
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    Resource Pokémon Mart

    The resource name was a bit misleading but other than that, bomb and creative.
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    v18 Ability Splash popping up when it isn't necessary

    Unless I misunderstood I think that's how it's supposed to happen. Edit: You mean a paralyzed Pokémon is still getting the "Static" and paralyzed message when the ability procs?