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    Overview Tutorials and Resources Requests

    I've done this before.
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    Pokémon Daycare

    A v1.2.2 patch was made to fix the ability to expand the daycare beyond the defined upgrades, provided you did not unlock the credits yet. That's what you get when you copy and paste! Clearly my eventing needs work, as that's the only true event there, ahah! This bug was there since v1.1, the...
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    Pokémon Daycare

    After watching Ethi's stream yesterday, I've made a few minor adjustments to the egg system, to prevent so many eggs from forming. I've also added a bit of interaction with the egg that sits on the counter, which can be any of the eggs you have in your possession and changes the selected egg on...
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    Pokémon Daycare

    A v1.2 has been uploaded, with a big new feature, a minigame to play with the Pokémon! The rules of Copy-Cat are simple, you just copy what the Pokémon does! It's a great way to build up exp for the Pokémon, and pretty addictive for me at least. Grab it in the Main Post!
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    Pokemon Outbreaks - Fixed a mispelled variable.

    line 49, should be return encounter if !newenc[4].include?($PokemonEncounters.pbEncounterType) . I mistyped encounter. Yes, I know, half a year later, the error is caught. Pastebin is already updated.
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    Resource Pokemon Outbreaks

    Vendily updated Pokemon Outbreaks with a new update entry: Fixed a mispelled variable. Read the rest of this update entry...
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    Solved Need Help Fixing 'Unfixable' PBS Issue

    The big reason it's freaking out is because it's expecting the first couple of bytes to be the Byte Order Mark. If you want to keep that exact same file, you can just whip out a hex editor, like HxD, and type in EF BB BF . If you aren't comfortable with a hex editor, I guess you could pull the...
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    Help Rookie Questions

    When it comes to the window skins, there are 4 different possible ways to set them up
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    Pokémon Daycare

    I am so sorry. That error doesn't actually have anything to do with the book, it tried to load a random trainer that does not currently have a deposited pokemon, but found none, and I didn't make a nil check apparently. a v1.1.1 was just uploaded to fix these issues. Sorry, Sorry, Sorry!
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    Pokémon Daycare

    So apparently I can totally make patches! So here's v1.1 that aims to fix some pain points from the original submission. It's linked in the main post! You still need the base game to install the patch onto, but it's just replacing the Data folder, easy-peasy! Saves should remain compatible, at...
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    Help Crash with Evo Script

    For the record, I made the script, but Zeak posted in my stead. Now that might have not been the brightest idea, but ehh, it's in the past.
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    Pokémon Daycare

    Man these are such great ideas, I should try to implement them. Also sorry about the trainers, I had messed with them a bunch but I guess the timing isn't perfect. The opening hours idea is good, since there already is the in-game time anyway, though it doesn't get actively used. Perhaps a...
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    Pokémon Daycare Resource Pack 2019-07-16

    This pack contains the audio (Base essentials sound effects + Music by Eric Matyas and XYORAS Cries by ShinxHero) as well as the graphics, mostly overworld sprites and tiles, for Pokémon Daycare.
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    Resource Pokémon Daycare Resource Pack

    Vendily submitted a new resource: Pokémon Daycare Resource Pack - All custom assets for Pokémon Daycare Read more about this resource...
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    Pokémon Daycare

    Game Download: V1.2.2 Patch: (This patch contains just the data folder, so you'll need the full game first. Saves should stay compatible, at...