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    Completed Pokémon Pumpkin

    its time for the spooks, theres lightning outside and its raining, 9:43pm on a friday, i. am. ready.
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    Work in Progress Pokemon Shifting Sands

    8/14/18 Changelog: >Removed Trapir, Goblank, Teetot >Added Jestabuggy, Harlebuggy, Molole, Moncrevice, Duschu >Added like one story element, and a whole new area after you have the third badge >Demo properly ends when you find and beat me, yes i included myself in a 3 gym demo, how much of a...
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    Work in Progress Pokemon Shifting Sands

    There should be less bugs this time, keyword should, a lot of them were stupid mistakes, so hopefully there arent too many now. A bit of a forewarning, DONT use the fishing rod from the bag, register it as a quick item, there is a bug with the gui menu that makes it so it crashes your game when...
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    Work in Progress Pokemon Shifting Sands

    3 gym demo is up, many things are not final, hence demo. I was debating whether to do this or not, but heck, might as well. Everything seems solid to me, if you find bugs, please report them, any nitpicks, please dm me regarding those and well see if we can come to some sort of compromise. EDIT...
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    sorry dawg youll have to find someone else, thanks for the offer though.

    sorry dawg youll have to find someone else, thanks for the offer though.
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    Work in Progress Pokemon Shifting Sands

    not a game jam entry, i was debating it would be, but i already worked on it too much at that point lol thanks dawg! thanks dawg, should be available soon if im motivated enough lol
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    Work in Progress Pokemon Shifting Sands

    Welcome to Pokemon Shifting Sands This is meant to be a small, simple, and quick project. It includes the following... INCLUDES/ FUTURE PLANS: Fakemon/ Original Fake Pokemon Designs A whole new region to explore No differing story line as of yet, actually, no story at all New Moves New Abilities...
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    Work in Progress Pokémon Plastic Pyrite

    I like those starters dude, very unique! Will definitely pick this up when you have a demo.
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    Resource Rotation Battle

    Hmm, I'll try reinstalling the scripts, can't really think of why its doing it on my end, must just be me i guess, thanks anyway!
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    Resource Rotation Battle

    I'm using 17.2 for both essentials, and rotation battle.
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    Resource Rotation Battle

    It doesn't allow me to use any moves on the right side, only left side works. Could be something with the inputs during battle?
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    Work in Progress Pokémon Brass Version

    Dude this looks fantastic, i look forward to playing this, there's not that many gen 2 fan games out there, so seeing this makes me weep tears of joy lol
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    Creative Pixel Art Lounge

    yall mind if i praise this fake leak? the designs of the legendaries dont exactly match up with the full arts, but thats because i didnt bother looking up full arts for the legendaries oops
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    Released Pokemon Shattered Stones

    Yo dude, love your fan games, even if they follow the formula. Glad your working on the next installment, if you ever need sprites, hit me up!
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    Creative Fakémon Feedback

    I haven't sprited any fakemon in a good minute, so id like some feedback on these ones i made in about mmmmmm 4 hours? Both each taking 2 hours max. One clearly doesnt really look pokemon like, and one looks like a vivosaur from fossil fighters, thats at least my interpretation of them, but what...