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    Released Pokémon Infinity

    I loved to play it! Thank you guys to made that fangame! I'd just suggest to add "Walking Pokemon" script because most of gen 4 players love that mechanic. Look forward to the next upgrade!
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    Resource Mega evolution (scene)

    OMG. Will you do this for Dynamax/ Gigantamax too? It is just amazing! Nice Job!
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    Freelance Scripter Willing to Help Out Anyone Who Needs it

    Heeey! Am almost finishing gen 8 mechanic on Essentials v18.1, it'd be great if you can help me. Am stuck about Dragon Darts move and Neutralizing Gas ability (I didn't any item yet haha). My Discord: Wolf1235. I added you! :) Cya.
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    Resource ALL Official Gen 4 Overworld Sprites

    Hey! Are you a spriter? We have a project to sprite all characters from official games and anime. Aerun, PurpleZaffre, me and others artist is there. :) DM me if so.
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    Getting player's computer name?

    Or just use "\\PN", like: Kernel.pbMessage(_INTL("\\PN found something.")) Kernel.pbMessage(_INTL("Oh! \\PN found something.")) Kernel.pbMessage(_INTL("Oh! What's that \\PN?"))
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    Recruiting Need Spriter to make Sprite Overworld (HGSS Style)

    Bump! Thundurus Incarnate form done. I'll do Tornadus and Landorus later. :)
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    Recruiting Need Spriter to make Sprite Overworld (HGSS Style)

    Bump. You can check my project seeing the main post.