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Recent content by Kartik

  1. Kartik

    Game Jam Relic Castle Winter Game Jam 2020: Discussion

    Hey guys, I made a badge for the jam!! Even if badges don't come back it should be a no-ice memento. Its been a nice and tiring month of development after all.
  2. Kartik

    Game Jam Relic Castle Winter Game Jam 2020: Recruitment

    [Volunteering] Expertise: Spriting Examples of Work: My last jam entry, Pokemon Unvoiced and my good man's game A Zoroark Among Us though my work will only be in newer updates. welp Method of Contact: Discord, my tag is Kartik#1932, also goes by the name Killthicc on RC no idea who gave me this...
  3. Kartik

    Demo Pokemon Unvoiced

    depends what all you have done, in the end you will get a message. you can sleep in your house to skip the day and different events happen each day.
  4. Kartik

    Fan games with Pokemon characters

    What if someone just copies a few scripts of Essentials and removes every mention and relation to pokemon given proper credit to the Essentials team?
  5. Kartik

    Demo Pokemon Unvoiced

    New Update Out !! Also, even though it isn't complete, the development of the game is being questioned if it has to be ceased, so maybe no more updates will be out after this.