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    Creative Make a Fakemon Game! v2.0

    I don't know why, but I got a Meta Knight-y vibe from it...
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    Released Exterium, completion game with fully original critters

    This looks great! I do have a question though. Is this a flash game or is playable on mobile? (It looks like you took the screenshots on a phone but I just wanted be 100% sure.)
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    Work in Progress Fierce Melody (Updated 16/03/2019)

    This looks really cool, especially since there's a Water type platypus Pokémon. (I'm totally calling mine Perry)
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    Completed Pokemon WaterRed Version!

    I've been playing this on an emulator for a bit now and it has been really great, however, some grammatical errors have been bothering me. Other than that this is delightful and I can't wait to see more ROM hacks like this on Relic.
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    Entertainment What's your favorite Pokémon?

    Gen 2 is my favorite, but here is my overall list: Lugia Quagsire Sudowoodo Froakie Gallade Feraligatr
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    Have you accepted Lugia as your Lord and Savior?

    Have you accepted Lugia as your Lord and Savior?
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    Pixel Slam Jam PIXEL SLAM JAM Season 2: Discussion

    Congrats to @Clifford and @Cilerba for getting those badges! As for my feedback, thanks Aki! I know my pixel art isn't that great but I'm still pretty proud of it. (I made my logo) I hope that I'll get better with time and I hope that will show in later Pixel Slams.
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    Creative Make a Fakemon Game! v2.0

    I'm thinking Fire/Poison or Fire/Rock?
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    Other [Legacy] Project Sandbox

    Thank you guys for all the constructive criticism, I'll respond to each post as good as I can. A common theme here is that I should take out Johto and Team Rocket, which I probably should, but I do think that your point about Lucas is very valid. My biggest inspiration for him was Lance from...
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    Is it legal to make a game based on a movie?

    Usually you would need a license to do that, but if you say it's a fangame then maybe it wouldn't be so bad. Either way it's murky water so I'd say try thinking of a new concept.
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    I have three total likes on my pixel art. Yay!

    I have three total likes on my pixel art. Yay!
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    Other [Legacy] Project Sandbox

    I have an idea for a fan game called Pokémon Indigo that may or may not get made one day, and I want to see if it's generic or genuinely good and fun. It has some spoilers, as it is a synopsis, but then again this might never get made. I hope you like it regardless. Of course the story isn't...
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    Creative Make a Fakemon Game! v2.0

    sorry I'm new here