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    Completed Pokémon Castaway

    The third can be found in the rise after you finish the stone puzzle in the top right
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    Released Pokémon Ashen Frost [14 Cases!]

    You can get the prism scale through the Clefable sidequest in the docks which can be accessed at night. Alternatively, you can buy them in a building in the Winter Carnival/Fashion District (I don't remember which)
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    Released Pokémon Ashen Frost [14 Cases!]

    Updated the game once again - this addresses a bunch of issues found over the last few days, updates some outdated documentation and makes some Alolan and Galarian forms available.
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    Released Pokémon Ashen Frost [14 Cases!]

    Updated the game to 1.2.4. Fixes a few issues found today!
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    Completed Pokémon Castaway

    As far as I can remember, you can't turn it off, mind you its been years since I worked on the game.
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    Released Pokémon Ashen Frost [14 Cases!]

    Finally got around to updating OP with some appropriate images!
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    What are the themes that Nintendo follows when developing new starters?

    One trend I've noticed is that every fire starter's final evolution (apart from Flareon in Yellow but that doesn't really count) is bipedal. Just something interesting to keep in mind.
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    Released Pokémon Ashen Frost [14 Cases!]

    Ah yeah, that's to be expected haha - these were actually just a bunch of old screenshots I pulled together because I was making the thread quickly; I'll put up a corrected post when I get the chance - good catch though!
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    Released Pokémon Ashen Frost [14 Cases!]

    A game by @Michael and @Ekat Introduction: Pokémon Ashen Frost, formerly Pokémon Present, revolves around Sylvester, a kind, albeit surly, officer-turned-detective in Riverview City. Sylvester works alongside his not-quite-canine unit, Swinub, to solve minor cases. Tracking down missing...
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    Completed Pokémon Castaway

    Hey thanks! If you're interested in our most ambitious project, I'd definitely recommend checking out here. The download link is currently down due to a huge revamp but there's a good amount of content around to give you an idea of what kind of game it is.
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    Completed Pokémon Apathy

    Usually script hanging is an error that comes from a user's computer itself being bogged down by the processes themselves, rather than the game. Did you try changing the colour and fighting a different trainer? They all do the same thing anyway.
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    Completed Pokémon Pumpkin

    Yeah, the item is called "spare gameboy." You'll find a few along your way
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    Water Currents - Quick Fix

    Updated the script to account for encounters occuring while surfing along the current.
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    Tutorial Water Currents

    Michael updated Water Currents with a new update entry: Quick Fix Read the rest of this update entry...