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    Thread Views Not Showing for Project Showcase/Progressing Projects

    With the new changes to the format of the Project Showcase and Progressing Projects categories, I may be wrong but you can no longer see how many views each thread has. I don't know if this is a purposeful change, but I did like being able to see how many views each project thread was receiving...
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    Iron Mapper IRONMAPPER Season 5: Trial I

    Trial: I: Ominosity Map Name: The Skeld Map: Critique Requested: Sure, why not. Credits: Foxowl Pokemon Reborn Pokemon Essentials Tileset: Description: Absolutely nothing is going wrong on your mission through space. It's just ketchup in the Cafeteria, of course. The camera is down due to...
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    Completed A Slice of Life

    I could definitely do that. It depends on the era. Only the first rest spot in each era takes you back, so for say, Future and Apocalypse, where you get locked away from the first rest spot for most of the plot, it's unavailable. Also I love your team names, heh. Marle really got shafted, huh...
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    Discussion Relic Castle Game Jam Preservation Project

    It's nice to see how a lot of the people in the community have developed over the years/jams! RadicalRaptr was first spotlighted five years ago, and he just had one again this year! Jams really are the best ways to see what the community can do and get a bunch of really fun games to play.
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    Discussion Relic Castle Game Jam Preservation Project

    Alright, I've added all team members.
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    Discussion Relic Castle Game Jam Preservation Project

    Thanks for the notes- I'll update. On changing usernames I just put the ones I saw? I realize there's changes but I don't always know what they are. On credits, I get that inconsistency. Do you think it would be better to only credit the dev who posted the game for all the games here or to...
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    Entertainment Word Snake

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    Discussion Relic Castle Game Jam Preservation Project

    So a little over a year and a half ago, the archive for old Relic Castle was discontinued. ( One of the unfortunate results of this was that a lot of the threads for games from the first two Relic Castle Game Jams were lost (Game Jam 3 was the first on the...
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    Game Jam Game Jam #6: Results & Community Poll

    Congrats to all the winners!! You all put in so much hard work and it paid off!
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    Completed A Slice of Life

    Yet another small update to make the credits not send you into an accidental time loop. Also I fixed a few doors. (v1.4.2)
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    Completed A Slice of Life

    Another update, this time to 1.4.1 to fix a few more bugs, including disabling screen border because fuck that thing.
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    Completed A Slice of Life

    Updated again (whoops) to v1.4. Just some bug fixes and QOL changes, as well as making the game a little less grind-y (hopefully).
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    Completed A Slice of Life

    Made an update to 1.3.2 to fix a softlock I accidentally created in 1.3
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    Discussion Organising Your Project

    I do think coming up with details/ideas on the fly is nice but planning is super super important! Having one document is okay but honestly I prefer having multiple in a folder, makes it much more organized for me. Now I haven’t made any full scale/large games, but for my jams: Hunt for the Yeti...