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  1. Cadeorade5

    TEAM MAPPER: Trial I

    Plot #20! Also I think you may have missed Falcon :)
  2. Cadeorade5

    TEAM MAPPER: Trial I

    I'll take a plot!
  3. Cadeorade5

    Demo Pokémon Infinity

    This game is super good! The world feels super alive, and it's a unique premise. But, you're saying I was saying the region wrong the whole time...
  4. Cadeorade5

    Completed White Rose

    This game is amazing. While I have no idea what was happening throughout the game, I had to complete it in one sitting. It was so addicting, in a good way. For the story, having this eerie and unknown aspect makes the player think and adds to the complexness of this game. The music was amazing...
  5. Cadeorade5

    Making Fan Games vs. Making Original Games

    I just joined the video game development club at my college and I can definitely say that there is a huge jump from Pokemon fangames to developing things in other game engines, ie Unity. While I am learning more and more I definitely feel that my experience creating fangames is becoming less...