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Recent content by Sauce Gnoblin

  1. Sauce Gnoblin

    TEAM MAPPER: Trial I

    I agree with this post you should call it "Relic Castle Makes A Game" or something haha Cool idea! :)
  2. Sauce Gnoblin

    The Next Generation

    seeya dumbass lmao
  3. Sauce Gnoblin

    when are you streaming fire emblem

    when are you streaming fire emblem
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  5. Sauce Gnoblin

    Yeah you better

    Yeah you better
  6. Sauce Gnoblin

    hey man

    hey man
  7. Sauce Gnoblin

    Completed Pokémon: Attack On The Space Station

    Aaaaa I finished this game a few months ago but never said anything here! I loved Attack on Silph Co so I came into this with high expectations and wow. I was not disappointed in the slightest. The story was great, believable with the reputation of Team Rocket (all of which were great...
  8. Sauce Gnoblin

    Introduction Thread

    Hey I've been on this website the whole time but used it like 5 times in a year so hey. I'm Sam. I'm gonna try to be here more often, don't get mad if I'm not thanks lads.
  9. Sauce Gnoblin

    Work in Progress Pokemon Theós

    Yo shit man these are some fresh Fakémon. You're a great designer dude, wish that were me init. I love how you've worked in the Greek setting and mythology into the game, and the 12 Trials is a sweet idea and works with SM lore and stuff. Smart stuff you got here my dude. Woke.
  10. Sauce Gnoblin

    Entertainment What's your favorite Pokémon?

    Y'know what is a great Pokémon? Starmie. Apparently it sends signals into space. Fuck does that mean yknow. Is it even a starfish anymore? Is it an alien? Just a fuckin star shaped alien living in the ocean? What a bloody coincidence that'd be lads I'm telling you. It's a genuine mystery. The...
  11. Sauce Gnoblin

    choo choo

    choo choo
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  13. Sauce Gnoblin

    Completed Pokémon: Legends of the Arena

    Yoo I played this game like two years ago and thoroughly enjoyed it. Glad to have you back man, I'm hyped to give this new demo a playthrough.
  14. Sauce Gnoblin

    Ayy, yo what up shgeldz! Just wanna know you're doing, man! I think it's been a while since we...

    Ayy, yo what up shgeldz! Just wanna know you're doing, man! I think it's been a while since we last talked, i think. How has your playthrough of Gold and Silver doing? I know that Evan is pretty far in his playthrough but thought i shoild check on yours too. Reply soon to me!
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    It's gonna be a lot better for the player the earlier they can play. They play the game to experience battling and such, so there's usually not much reason to take that away from them. The only time I'd say it's excusable is if the game is a lot more story-based, but that only tends to work if...